YO/ME Copenhagen is a modern yoga concept  with focus on music and power.

Music gives us power and energy and enhances our mental state of mind.
At YO/ME we use spaces in the city to manifest our own power and presence regardless of the surroundings.

We bring balance to the mind and body by focusing on the essentials in life: health and happiness.
YO/ME is founded by Julie Elisabeth Schulin who has been practicing yoga for many years in Copenhagen, LA and NY.

“Yoga is a lifestyle of well being. It is a science between body and mind. It is a workout for your body as well as your breathing and helps release a lot of stress. It prepares you for the day and direct your focus on what you CAN, your attitude, mindset and energy". 

Our Music infused Vinyasa classes and Power Yoga give strength and energy to our awareness and helps us be present in our yoga practice. Music has the power to alter brainwaves and helps us go deeper into our consciousness therefore we want to use this essential element in our classes.
YO/ME is an energetic yoga practice for all levels and people who enjoy working with the power of a strong balanced body.

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle is the key to wellbeing and happiness.